A new cohousing project in the Boston Metro-North area

Some people have written articles about our group, and about cohousing more generally:

For Goldstein, and others like him, intentional communities can be the antidote to a prevailing model of society that they find constraining or unfulfilling -- a model that presents marriage, a house, 2.5 kids and a prosperous career as hallmarks of a fruitful adulthood. "When I look back on parts of my life when I have felt fulfilled, or where I've produced the most positive memories, they have always been times when I'm involved in some kind of tight-knit community," Goldstein said.

Huffington Post

Peter Goldstein, the founder of Boston's newest cohousing initiative, Bay State Commons, is grateful for the wider community. "Every single time that you speak to people who have been involved in cohousing, they will give you their hard-won pieces of wisdom about what to do and not to do," Goldstein said.


"My vision that I have is arriving home at the end of the day and you're in your usual burnt out state," said Goldstein, who is planning the future Bay State Commons shared dining room. "You've done your work, you've done your commute and [have] all these little things that are bugging you - and [then] sort of opening the door into the common room and just sort of having that Cheers Bar moment."

New Boston Post